How it works:


  • Pre-registration is a privilege that is available only to members that are in good standing and are already enrolled in activities, and they receive priority in enrollment for the next session.
  • It is only available to members already enrolled in activities
  • Pre-registration only applies to subsequent sessions. (A member is not allowed to pre-register if he/she was not enrolled in activities during the session preceding this pre-registration)
  • During a pre-registration, the member must enroll in the same activities for the subsequent session. (To enroll in new classes, the member must wait for the respective period of registration)
  • To enable a certain accessibility, there is no pre-registration during the autumn session.



  • Pre-registration reserves a spot in a class as scheduled by The Little Burgundy Sports Center. (There is no guarantee about the time or day of the lesson)
  • Children must be enrolled in the appropriate level:
  • You must make sure to enroll your children in the right level (refer to the child age booklet). Otherwise, your registration will be canceled and we will not reserve any spot.
  • We cannot guarantee a spot for the summer session because of the limited schedule.
  • There is therefore no pre-registration for the summer
  • A fee of $10.00 will be charged for any lost or stolen booklets.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to enquire at the reception.


For reimbursement of course fees, please contact: Jean-Baptiste Berthet (514) 932-0800 extension 25 (pool side activities) OR, Jackson Joseph (514) 932-0800 extension 27 (gymnasium and multipurpose room activities).

Clients are entitled to reimbursement after the first week of session, however, subject to charge for courses actually attended, as well as a service fee of $10.00. No reimbursement will be issued at the third week of session, EXCEPTfor course cancellation.



Clients are entitled to course transfer. Please be advised, however, of a $10.00 charge, EXCEPT if requested by an instructor (e.g. the transfer of a student to a different swim level).

Note: For further information please inquire at reception.




  • The Little Burgundy Sports Center Corporation reserves the right to close in the event of major repairs or renovations, without obligation to compensate.
  • The Little Burgundy Sports Center Corporation reserves the right to modify its program schedule without prior notice.
  • Users are not entitled to “personal” lockers at the sports centre. Locks and all contents are subject to removal.
  • The Little Burgundy Sports Center Corporation is not liable for lost or stolen articles.
  • It is advised not to leave money or other valuables in the vestibule. Locks are available at reception.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring personal items or food into any of the activity rooms or at poolside – lockers are available for this purpose.
  • Sports attire is compulsory for all activities. White-soled running shoes are mandatory in activity rooms.
  • All activities are subject to cancellation due to insufficient registration.




Item Deposit Cost
Badminton Racket $ 20.00 $ 5. 00
Ping-Pong Racket $ 5.00 $ 2.00
Birdie $ 0.50
Lock $ 5.00 $ 2.00
Large Mat (per day) $100.00
Mat (per day) $10.00



Please note an additional charge of $5.00 is levied on all adult activities for fixed transfer payments made to the City of Montreal.


We are still awaiting directives necessary for us to assess the feasibility of moving forward with the spring 2020 season. The objective is to resume our activities within the next few weeks while respecting the sanitary measures that will be in force.

In the event that we have to completely cancel the activities for the spring session; we are anticipating two (2) possible scenarios:

The carry-over of the amount spent towards the next session, or
The reimbursement of fees paid

We will inform you once a decision has been rendered.
Thank you for your understanding.

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